research documentary

By day, JD is a video specialist at McMaster University working with researchers in all faculties to help tell their story through moving pictures. Managing a small team he is able to work alongside media relations experts to create documentary video shorts. His specialty lies in creatively boiling down complex research into concise and visually pleasing 2-3 minute shorts that live within the University digital platform as well as various international media outlets. The research videos range from antibiotics resistance to the psychology of bats. One day he could be on a dig site and the next in a level 2 bio hazard lab. There is never a dull moment.

The majority of this work can be found here and here

music videos

During the evenings and weekends JD often takes part in co-directing or cinematography for various creative pieces. The video above titled "Finders Keepers" was shot March of 2019 with his friend Mark Bethune, who wrote and co-directed this piece. All filming was done by JD.

More of this work can be found here and here

demo reel