Video Production

During his tenure at McMaster University, JD directed + shot hundreds of mini news-form documentaries for researchers and stakeholders in all faculties. Every day was a completely new backdrop for learning as he led a small team into the depths of capturing the essence of an experts work through a concise but compelling video short. These videos would go on to many different news outlets around the world.

JD is available for video work.

The story of how JD designed and rebuilt a 1901 textile factory unit into a living loft space.

A docu-short highlighting JD's studio workshop.

Showcasing the success of a McMaster University grad who went on to specialize in film score.

The official welcome back to campus video for McMaster University for September 2021.

One of many location research documentaries shot in and around the greater Ontario region.

A feel-good community outreach news feature for McMaster University.

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